Most exciting thing ever done with my Laila. A long drive from Delhi to Indore and come back. A long weekend always excites to do some crazy stuff and when you are already bored with work, a long drive is  a perfect way to refresh.

The trip was completely unplanned and thanks to Mr. Modi I was out of cash as well obviously due to demonetisation. Arranged 1000 bucks somehow and started the ride early morning. When you follow your heart, everything happens right. I got old 500 currency note exchanged from a petrol pump guy. A good start for a long journey. Nothing can be best time to begin the ride than a beautiful early morning. Watch the sun rising with the Laila. First tea break at Jaipur in like 2 hours. I already touched my highest 154 kmph in between and then the Jaipur-Ajmer highway. It took no time to reach 156 kmph and  cross 500 km milestone in just 6 hours. Around 11 am I was sitting somewhere after Ajmer and having a break.

Both get refilled with Petrol and Tea to start again. The big 20 ltr tank ensures that I don't need to stop again and again to refuel. It keeps going.

After the break, the lazy day started and took 8 hours to cover remaining 500. The amazing part was comfort and enjoy with the ride, neither me or Laila were tired a bit in between and were ready to roll another 500 km :)

Max Speed 156 kmph

Spent a day in Indore, Late night party and hangover and then another long journey back to home which I started at 9 am and it took 13 hours to finish that day.

Return journey was not that easy as I had already lost the most precious time when I could have covered the most miles with ease. The Sun started burning roads and made hard to drive in after noon. It was Ajmer when Sun light was dim and now ride was more harder as I was not having fog lamps installed and existing lights are not suitable to ride on highways. Road and holes on road were barely visible.

I crossed 10000 in odometer as well that night.

10000 km in Odometer

Learnt another lesson for ride. "Never start late."