GST configuration is required in every online store in India. Magento covers the most of e-commerce market but there was no open-source module for Magento 2 which can solve this problem. I have published a step-by-step guide to configure GST rules in Magento but it is still a complicated process.

So, I have created this Magento 2 module which solves this purpose well.

composer require magento-garage/m2-gst-india

It is an easy to install module which will let you configure all GST tax rates based on your store address by just a click in Magento 2 store configuration.

Configure GST button will appear if Coutry is India

This one click configure button will only appear if selected Country is India. You'll need to choose the region then, based on your region it will create following tax classes:

  • GST-5
  • GST-12
  • GST-18
  • GST-28

It will also create IGST tax rates for all other regions and CGST and SGST tax rates for selected region.

Then It will create the tax rules to map all the tax rates and tax classes to their respective values.

FOR USERS: You need to use this only once. If you have chosen different region and need to update, please delete existing tax rates, tax classes and tax rules first.

FOR DEVELOPERS: Feel free to fork or create PR