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Ecommerce industry has been grown as next big thing in last few years. Now every retail business wants an online store to expand their reach and business.

Magento has the biggest market share in Ecommerce platforms. It has various reasons to stay on the top. The large developers community and available support is a big reason why new users are interested in adopting Magento for their business. Magento 2 is for everyone, from a small catalog of antique collections to a huge catalog of marketplace. This adaptability expanded the use of Magento and created various jobs in Magento.

Magento for Executives

Magento has a long list of features and which should be elaborated to the clients. Executives should know the features of Magento so that they can provide quick solutions to the clients. Magento has started a certification as well for Magento Certified Solution Specialist which helps in getting better understanding with Magento and expanding the client conversion ratio. This certificate helps you become a better Magento consultant and clients also like to work with professionals who knows What to do ? and How to do ?

Magento for Non-Developers

Magento is a fully developed and well managed platform where most of the time development is not necessary. The maintenance only requires optimization and management. Once your store is developed and working fine in production phase. You just need to keep it optimized and updated. Magento Admin Panel is a complete application in itself where you can manage all orders, products, customers and store content. You don't need to be a developer to manage any category or product. Even to change a banner or static page content, you just need to be friendly with HTML and CSS for better control or you can manage it without being technical elite.

So learning Magento is a good idea even if you are not a developer.

Magento for Developers

Magento is becoming a must have tool for developers. I prefer Magento because the salary package is much higher for Magento developers. Salary is something which really matters. Magento is best tool to learn development as well. It is best example of app development where hundreds of developers can work on single project without changing others code. MVC and XML configuration makes everything structured and helps in keeping community standard code. Magento learning helps in development skills enhancement. Skilled Magento developers are good enough to create any application or modules.

Magento for Freelancers

If you are a freelancer and struggling in getting new clients. Try Magento development, if you are good in design then try Magento theme development and as a developer try Magento module development. If you have developed what market is looking for, you will never have to run for clients. Just sale them online and earn. It'll also help in getting new clients by showcasing your portfolio.

If you are interested in learning Magento online, write me at credevator@gmail.com