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Magento in a Non-technical way

After meeting many eCommerce people and sellers who wants to join the eCommerce league and not having technical knowledge which is obviously not their cup of tea made me realized that Magento still has a long way to go.

People exactly don’t know what it is and even developers treat it as Wordpress. Magento is not just a CMS, Magento is a complete package to start and run any eCommerce. It needs more resource as compare to any other CMS to execute more features as compare to any other CMS. Whatever makes it down can bring it up as well. It already has everything and if it doesn’t then definitely there is a module available to fulfill the requirement.

You can have any kind of catalog with any kind of products bifurcated in n number of categories. You can have multiple stores based on locality, language, inventory or anyhow you want to vary two stores like offline store branches. They can have same catalog with different inventory or different stores for different product kinds. This randomness can be easily managed by Magento only. Creating a Magento store is like carving a sculpture from a big stone or wood piece. Just start removing unnecessary elements and configure whatever is required. Be very precise while defining the catalog like making face of your masterpiece. A perfect Magento store is same like carved sculpture from a solid stone. Once you are finished with one time perfection, you can scale it to any level with help of cloud computing.

Magento doesn’t have limitations, developers have. So don’t think before choosing Magento, Think before choosing the right hands for your masterpiece.