Create your own template using and update .docksal/docksal.env file with your project specific variables.

If docksal is not already installed:Follow for installation steps.

If you are starting fresh, you can just run below command with your project name and it will setup everything for you in your project repo.

fin project create --repo= --name=<PROJECT_NAME>


If you want to use your existing magento 2 code, you must have it in a git repo and add the git url in .docksal/docksal.env file.

Available commands:

fin init-site //Install magento 2 with env. variables

fin magento // run magento 2 cli commands in container

It will prompt for username/password for if your code repo isn't having auth.json

To enable redis cache: fin redis enable

You can configure Magento 2 installation variables in .docksal/docksal.env file.