It have been quite a while I was planning to stream my mobile games online and tried so many different things based on google search but in the last I realize it is quite easy and doesn't necessarily require any big setup. In my setup I started streaming on YouTube but it is flexible enough to setup on twitch, facebook or other live streaming platforms. Lets get started with some should have, must have and good to have requirements to start streaming live.

What is required ?

  1. A good internet connection is must. If you get a optical fiber connection then you are good to go on this part. Also a good wifi router.
  2. A computer is required however the configuration can vary based on what do you want to stream and on which quality.
    For streaming your mobile game only, you can utilize your home PC or laptop which should have higher than 4 GB RAM and a good multicore processor. It is also preferred to have a good graphics card which is generally covered in most of modern machines.
  3. If you are planning to show yourself as well in the stream then a good webcam, Logitech has a nice range of webcams, you can start with Logitech C270 or C310 HD webcam which are good to record on 720p and 30fps and if you want to go higher Logitech C922 is widely used webcam for streamers. It records on 1080p and gives pretty nice camera quality. You can also use your spare mobile phone as a camera input.
  4. A dedicated microphone is preferred to have or you can use your headphones or earphones of your mobile device also. It is just to produce the better quality audio and based on your budget and requriments you can spend on it.
  5. OBS Studio is the software you need to use for streaming. It is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. It is available for Windows, MacOS 10.12+ and linux Operating systems. It is easy to use and have step-by-step tutorials available. I'll also create one video tutorial for better learning of OBS Studio.
  6. Now the important part, mobile phone. I'm using an iphone and it really made everything easy for me. I'm still struggling to get some good opensource or free software to cast mobile screen on my computer.
  7. LonelyScreen application, you can download and install  it. It is light-weight and easy to use. It let you cast your mobile screen on your computer and then you can use that in OBS Studio stream.
  8. A YouTube channel which is verified by mobile number. It takes 24 hours to activate the live stream feature on the YouTube channel after mobile verification.

Now you are all set to start streaming. I have shared all the dots here and leaving it on you how creative you can be with OBS Studio and the content.

Please feel free to write your questions below and I'll be happy to answer all of them.